Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So Scott and I were so lucky to be able to go on this cruise that my step dad planned for the whole family! It was seriously so much fun!!!! We did not want to come home! The weather was nice everyday. Wasn't rainy or cloudy any day!!!! it was amazing! We wish we had like another week there! This was our favorite Island, Roa Tan

Me and my sister-in-law Erica.
The beautiful beach of Roa Tan!

Just hangin

Isn't my brother a stud!

We zip lined through all of that! Crazy!!!!

yes we are ready!

Our little friend!

Getting ready to swim with the sting rays! And don't worry..... I KISSED ONE!!!!! AND IT KISSED ME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just at the show!

Me and my cute husband getting ready for dinner!
Here I am!

It was so much fun!!! thanks Paul!!! XOXOXOXO