Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gabby time!!!

We had Gabby the other day over night and she was being so funny! She was sick which was hard for us, but other then that she was great! All day long she would just say to Scott, "I hold you!?" and then she would just cuddle up to him forever... It was so cute! She is such a daddy's girl. We love her to death!!! She finds my head bands and puts them on herself! It is so cute!!!
Here are her and Sami, her cousin. They look so much alike it's crazy!

There they are again just watching Princess movie. You can sure tell gabby is a Henry, look at those teeth! They might be big now but one day they will be so pretty....

Thursday, April 24, 2008


For the last two weeks I have been stressing out because I had to take my cosmetology test today! I have been studying for it like crazy! So as I was taking it today I was thinking, "I have no idea what any of this means! I didn't study for any of this and I know there is no way I am going to pass!" As the test got over I went up to the guy who gives you your results and he hands me a paper and it says pass on it! I was like, "I past?!?!?" and he looks at me like I was stupid and says, "Yep!" So I finally get to be doing hair!!!! I was so happy though.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Husband Tag!

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TOGETHER? We've been married almost 6 months now!

HOW LONG DID YOU DATE? About 4 months.

WHO EATS MORE? Scott does most the time! Depends on where we go!!!

WHO SAID "I LOVE YOU FIRST"? Well I did first in a letter, then he was the first to say it out loud!

WHO IS TALLER? Haha just look at us and you can tell!!! Scott is a foot taller then me! I love it!

WHO HAS MORE SPEEDING TICKETS? I do, But that doesn't mean I am the bad driver! He just gets lucky!

WHO IS SMARTER? Definitely Scott!!! Thats what I love most about him. He seems like he knows everything about everything!!!

WHO IS MORE SENSITIVE? Oh me for sure!!! When that once a month rolls around, you say one wrong thing to me and I start to cry! I hate it!!!!!



WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT? Scott, but we have a huge bed so I am usually over there right next to him!

WHO MOWS THE LAWN? The people at out condos! I wish we could though so it would look the way I want it to look...

WHO COOKS DINNER? I do if we are here...


WHO IS MORE STUBBORN? That is no question, Scott for sure... I thought I was till I met him! Haha but he is getting better.

WHO KISSED WHOM FIRST?Haha Yes!!!! Well Scott tried first and I denied him. He felt so bad so later I gave him a good night kiss...

WHO PROPOSED? Scott did... Do girls do that often???

WHO HAS MORE SIBLINGS? Scott for sure! I have 6 brothers. Scott has 7 sisters and 3 brothers.

Scott is so perfect for me! I still cannot believe we got married... If you don't know this we were set up by some friends. I didn't want to go out with him because he was 7 years older then me! But the second I saw him I knew there was something different about him.. I love him more then he will ever know! He is so sweet and does so much for our family. He also has a goofy side that everyone knows! I love that he makes me laugh all the time! The best is when I am mad at him and he just looks at me in this way to make me laugh! I love that he can do that! I love you so much Scott! XOXOXO

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Thanks Paige for the picture!!! This was Meg's birthday.. We First went to Tepenyaki for dinner then we went back to Paige's house and hung out. It was so funny what Megan was doing with Paige's baby!!! Well we'll just say she will need a few more years before having kids... Love ya Meg!!!