Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Totally Random and Totally out of Order!

I just got my computer back so sorry...... To let you all know how we are doin though, well I am still at my salon and I love it so much! I tell Scott that when I'm not at work I miss it! I really have fun everyday! And we are starting to get really busy.. Scott has been in Denver for the last month but is home now for about three weeks then he leaves to go back out there! It will be so good to have him here... But I do have so many pictures that I want everyone to see. Most of them are Halloween but they are still fun to look at! Cutest Indian I have ever seen!!!!!! This is what she was for our family party!

All the kids getting ready to go trunk-or-treating!


All she wanted to do was dance! It was so funny!!!

Daddy and his little Princess!


We found her in her room in her toy box just playin away! It was awesome!!!

Isn't she so dang cute!

Paul, My Mom and Me!

Lil' Gangsta..... She gets it from her daddy!

Just chillin' eaten candy!

Our little family!