Friday, July 18, 2008

Drake Photograghy

We finally got the chance to get our family pictures done! We had a blast doing it... We went to the Union Station then over to some train tracks that Gabby loved!!! We are so happy about how they turned out! Her are just a few of them! And if you are thinking about getting yours done anytime soon, you need to check out She is so good and even better with the kids! We loved her so much! Thanks so much Hiedi!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th in Nashville!

Just a little up date of The Henry's out here in Tennessee! We are all doing so good, well Scott is not feeling his best today but other then that we are great! He is at work today on the 4th of July if you can believe that! They are out in the heat while I work inside helping with all the paper work they need done. It is so beautiful out here.. We will try to get out to Nashville sometime this weekend and take pictures for everyone to see. But we miss everyone at home, but we are doing great out here! Love you all!!! XOXOXO Bronco and I just hangin out in our apartment!