Sunday, April 10, 2011


I cant figure out how to move the pictures into a different order..... So starting at the bottom up:) The last few days we have been in and out of the hospital. Lily started out Friday with 6 poops before noon so I knew something wasn't right. I took her temp and it was 102.1! As a mother, of course the first thing I think of is to take her to the hospital. When we got there they really didn't say anything but to make sure she is hydrated.... That night we were up all night with a very sick baby with a high fever. The next day we take her back to the hospital and they decide to do blood work, urine sample by doing a catheter, and a stool sample! My poor baby girl went through so much we felt so sad!!! After about three hours of waiting they tell us she has a UTI. How does a little tiny baby that small get a UTI??? So they give her 2 more shots in the legs and we go back today to get 2 more! She has gone through so much and i feel so bad for her, but she has done so good!
On our way to the hospital, with her super sweaty hair!
Happy girl!
Her new thing! sucking her fist!
For being so sick she was still so happy!
Waiting at the hospital.
This is just a cute pic of her after the shower.

My poor baby so sick!


Kellie Henry said...

OH MY HECK! Poor girl! Give her kisses for us! Love you guys.

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Vanella Thalita said...

wow .. i like this baby

Anonymous said...

wow beautiful

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